Celebrate the Harvest

the HARVEST...

Stover's Farm is where simplicity, quality and down-home comfort are a genuine part of everyday life. We love farming and are anxious to share a taste of our farm with you. We hope that with this taste, you'll also be able to experience a little bit of history. Not just the history of Stover Farm and our seven generations of farmers, but a bit of history that we truly believe belongs to all people. Somewhere in our past, we all have ancestors who have grown apples or picked squash and it is comforting to know we all have a connection to the land.

With just one visit, we're sure you'll create wonderful memories and have a chance to reminisce about times gone by.

Stop by the "Big Red Barn" or shop at our new "Online Store"
we would love the company.    -The Stover Family

Photos:  Sandra Barefield and Christina Glass Gelder

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