Raw Creamed Honey — 2 lb

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Raw liquid or cream honey, we have both.  If it wasn’t for the bees, we wouldn’t have anything on the farm to pick. The bees pollinate all spring and into the summer, then in August the honey is extracted from the hives and bottled.  Our honey is exceptional.

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4 reviews for Raw Creamed Honey — 2 lb

  1. Joan

    Amazing!!!! I use this honey in my tea and I was told it can also be used in baking. Thank you Stover’s Farm!

  2. Kadesha

    We are on the GAPS diet to help resolve my son’s signs of autism, and this honey has been a lifesaver since honey is the only sweetener allowed. Thank you for making this.

  3. Janet

    We bought our first raw creamed honey at the Evanston, IL farm market. The flavor is very good but the mouth feel is not so pleasant; “gritty” is the word that comes to mind. Or crystallized? Perhaps it’s better used in tea or cooking than eating plain or on toast, etc. Being our first experience with it, we were a tad disappointed. Different than we expected. We figured it would be a more smooth feel.

    • Erin Stover

      yes I use this in my cooking and tea and for just eating raw… the benefits far outweigh the texture. This one of the best when it comes to allergies and colds. Many vitamins and foods that have the high quality of beneficial nutrients may not always be the best at first, but using it to cook and in hot water will help get over that texture you are not liking. Thanks again

  4. Frances Laidlaw

    This creamed honey is especially delicious and nutritious because the honeycomb is mixed in with the honey. I personally loved the texture. Because it is loaded with nutrients, instead of snacking on a 100-calorie apple I would substitute a tablespoon of honey – which only has 60 calories. This is a unique product offering – most honeys do not include the comb. It is very generous of Stovers to cream the honey and comb together to make an especially wonderful food. And Kenny and his wife could not be nicer. It’s good to support American Farmers, but great to support kind-hearted and generous-spirited farmers like the Stover’s family.

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