School Trips

For over 30 years, we have been helping children learn about farming, the harvest season and a bit of local history.

School Trips to Stover's

We started out by taking different produce into school rooms and teaching Kindergartners and First Graders about how Native Americans used corn, squash, gourds and more. Since then, we’ve moved the lessons to the farm.

From mid-September through October, school children of all ages are welcome to spend the day at the Stover Farm. While here, they’ll listen to a story about the Potowatomie Indians and how they benefited from the land and take a hayride through the orchard. After the ride, the kids are free to pick an apple and a pumpkin of their choice to take home as a reminder of their day with us. The kids are also welcome to raspberries and grapes if they’re available. The picking is not guided, so the children can explore all they want to pick the perfect pumpkin or apple. The area wildlife is also a great way to expose the children to nature. Often, the kids will be able to spot deer or wild turkey in the orchard.

Teachers find the farm a great place to expand on other lessons, too. A favorite with the kids seems to be the alphabet game where the kids are asked to find things on the farm that start with each letter of the alphabet. Sometimes an “X” is hard to find, but kids can sure be creative.

Tractor Rides at Stover'sCall us anytime from mid-August to October to schedule your group. No group is too small. We’d love for your group to visit. We believe strongly in sharing a fun time on the farm and giving the kids a day to remember.